Mega Accounts 

MEGA Accounts

There are 2 different Mega Accounts types on

Mega paid account users get Mega’s most advanced features. Free account users have 20GB of space and limited file transfer quota.

There is no use without registration in Mega.

MEGA Free Registration

Users with free registration can use panel methods and unlock some features.

File Transfer has limits on the amount of data consumed when downloading files from the cloud.

For free users, the amount of data that can be downloaded from their IP in six hours is limited.

Uploading files consumes your storage quota, but not your transfer quota.

Mega Accounts Limits

To avoid infrastructure overload for free accounts, MEGA imposes a transfer limit.

This limit depends on geographic regions and a number of factors, such as our overall network usage.

It is applied based on the amount of data downloaded from your IP address in the last six hours. If this amount exceeds the current limit, you have the option to purchase additional transfer quota by upgrading to a standby or Pro account.

How are downloads calculated?

MEGA calculates download transfer allowances (free and for users without MEGA account) based on data transferred to IP addresses in the last six hours.

Professional accounts may also offer a portion of their transfer quota to free users who download links created by them (configurable, 25% by default). Mega Accounts

Mega Accounts

Mega Premium Account

Mega offers you up to 16TB of storage, starting at 400GB with the purchase of Individual Professional accounts.
It also offers transfer and traffic limits from 1TB to 16TB.
You can save up to 16% with annual billing.
With annual purchases, you can transfer files from 12 TB to 192 TB.

In addition, you can use the entire transfer quota of your Pro account immediately: If you pay monthly, you can immediately use the full quota of the month. If you pay annually, you can use the entire quota of the year immediately.

  • Mega offers you File versioning.
  • Mega offers you Secure file sharing.
  • Mega offers you Password protected connections.
  • Mega offers you Automatic backups.
  • Mega offers you Secure video calls.
  • Mega offers you private messaging.
  • Mega offers you Meetings.
  • Mega offers you Screen sharing.

It provides the opportunity to store from 7 days to 10 years without emptying the trash can.
“Deleted items will stay in the Rubbish bin unless you delete them permanently.”

While using Mega mobile applications, it also offers payment options via Google Play Store, Apple App Store or Microsoft Store.

Interrupted transfers

MEGA has no fixed quota limit. Transfers resume automatically when the over quota condition is resolved. You don’t need to do anything.

Purchase Quota

You have the option to purchase one of our Pro plans to add extra storage and transfer quota to your account. There are no long-term obligations – you can cancel at any time.

Account for Mega Team and Businesses

Mega offers Professional accounts to your Business and team.

User management

Add users and view their activities.
At least 3 users start and up to 300 users are added.
It provides storage and transfer from 3TB of storage and transfer up to 10PB.

Easily access your data with Mega
With Mega, your data is private.

Additional storage and transfer are charged per TB.

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